Male Edge Penis Extender India – Give Permanent Results

Male Edge is an affordable penis enlargement device which comes with a guarantee that it will make your penis both longer and thicker.  Male Edge is a penis extender that uses a simple yet effective penis enlargement method known as traction.  This is clinically proven to increase both length and girth.  Traction works by providing a gentle yet steady stretch to the shaft of the penis.  When this happens, cells divide and then multiply through a process called cytokinesis.  This actually builds new, healthy tissue and grows your penis the same way it grew during puberty.  The Internet is full of sites promoting penis enlargement options, but only traction-based enlargers like the Male Edge are recommended by doctors and guaranteed to work.

The Male Edge is easy to use and comfortable to wear.  As long as you aren’t wearing skin tight jeans, it will not be noticeable to others.  It has an adjustable fit which accommodates stretched penis lengths of as small as 3 inches and as large as 10 inches or more.  No matter your starting size, you can wear the Male Edge comfortably and use it to start increasing your size.

Male Edge Review

The average size gains for Male Edge users are 28% in length and 19% in girth.  That means if you are starting out with a mediocre penis size of 6 inches long and 5 inches around, you can expect to become over 7.5 inches in length and about 6 inches in girth.  That is going from below average to very well endowed!

Another benefit of the Male Edge is that cytokinesis is a permanent process.  Therefore, once you reach your target size you can stop wearing the device and you will be that size forever.

Male Edge is so effective that its manufacturer doesn’t just offer a money-back guarantee.  They offer a double your money back guarantee because they are so sure you will not be disappointed in the product.  It is sound science that is behind it; if you wear it consistently and correctly, you will get bigger, period.

The reviews online for this product are very, very positive.  One thing that contributes to its high rating is that it gives the same length and girth gains as other penis extenders, but its price is considerably less.  That is why in just the past year, Male Edge has surged from being relatively unknown to a top-selling penis enlargement device.

Another thing men who used the Male Edge noted was that while it takes a few weeks for discernible size gains to appear, it only took a few days for them to notice that their erections were a lot firmer and longer-lasting.  Think of the hard-ons you used to get back in eighth grade.  Also, because traction improves blood flow to the genitalia, guys reported that they started becoming aroused much more easily after using the Male Edge regularly.

After a month of use, most men who tracked their progress could see measurable gains.  After two months, not only were their gains measurable, but they were noticeable to others (read: eager partners) as well.

If you want a penis extender that is very inexpensive but just as effective as the other devices that cost a lot more, Male Edge is for you.  We fully recommend it due to the significant gains that hundreds of guys who have used it have reported, combined with the utter dearth of negative feedback.  Guys who used this product and used it consistently flat out gained size, and not just a little bit, either.  With the Male Edge, you can have the big penis you have always wanted and the confidence that comes with it.


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