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SizeGenetics is not only a penis enlargement device but a medical type 1 device that is used by surgeons and doctors all over the world.  It is classified as a penile traction device that enlarges the Corpora Cavernosa, which is the erectile tissue that holds blood when you get an erection.  When you wear the SizeGenetics penis extender, it supplies a gentle and steady amount of traction to the Corpora Cavernosa, causing cells to pull away and eventually split, which leads to duplication — the formation of new, healthy cells.  As this happens, the Corpora Cavernosa becomes larger and able to hold more blood during erections.  The result is a larger penis in both the flaccid and erect state.

In addition to making your penis bigger and thicker, SizeGenetics also helps with erectile dysfunction and weak erections by improving the way blood flows into your penis when you become aroused.  In fact, the first gains you will see from SizeGenetics are an improvement in erection quality, hardness, and the ease with which you become erect.

SizeGenetics is also medically approved as a treatment for Peyronies disease, which is classified as an extreme curvature of the penis that can make your penis appear shorter in length, and if it is bad enough, it can actually make sex difficult or impossible.  Sufferers from Peyronies who use the SizeGenetics penis extender can achieve a longer, straighter, firmer penis.

Best of all, the manufacturers of SizeGenetics are currently offering this product for FREE! All you have to do is order the product, then once it works for you, send them a testimonial detailing your results.  They will send you a full refund and let you keep the product!  This is in addition to the unconditional 100% money back guarantee they always offer.  Click here to check it out.

SizeGenetics Reviews

We read hundreds of reviews online about SizeGenetics, and the majority were very positive.  According to reviewers, the product does not add size overnight, but if you are patient and use it regularly for a few months, you (and your partner) will both begin to notice significant gains in both your length and girth.

There were many reports of guys using SizeGenetics to go from a below average penis size of 5-6 inches to well above average at 7-8 inches.  Most customers who used this product regularly and consistently also saw girth gains of close to one inch.


Most users reported that even before they could see any discernible size gains, their erection quality was much improved with firmer erections that appeared more quickly.  As for comfort during use, most users reported that it did take a day or two to get used to having the device on, but after that, they didn’t even notice it being there throughout the day.  SizeGenetics was reported to be comfortable no matter what your current penis size is because it fits penises as short as 2 inches and as long as 11 inches.

There were very few negative reviews posted on line, and the ones we did read all came from users who expected to be hung like Ron Jeremy or Tommy Lee after two or three days of wearing a penis extender.  Although SizeGenetics is very effective, it or any other penis extender will not work overnight.  Users who gave it a couple months, however, were very pleased with the gains they saw.

Because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews we read on SizeGenetics and the real case studies of guys who went from below average to very well endowed doing nothing but wearing this device, we do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a bigger, thicker, more satisfying penis.

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