Why Do Penis Extender Cost More Than Penile Pumps?

If you have been comparing price of penis extenders with the price of penile pumps, you may have noticed how extenders are more expensive than pumps.


Have you ever wondered why is that so?

If you have indeed asked yourself this question, but do not know the answers yet, then this article may help you out. Keep reading!

Best Penis Extenders Are Based On Extensive Research Data

The main reason why penis extender costs more than a pump is because a considerable amount of research work is involved to design such penis enlargement device.

The materials used in the production of traction device is are of much more quality as well. Moreover, a great emphasis in the design of stretcher device is put into safety and effectiveness.

We are not talking about an inexpensive plastic toy that you can buy in a local sex shop here.

SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Is Guaranteed To Increase Your Penile Size

Instead, stretcher that comes with SizeGenetics System is carefully designed surgical-grade product, which is clinically proven to increase your penis size without any risks involved!

Therefore, the higher cost of extender guarantees you permanent results and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, with products like penis pump you have no guarantee that it will actually work for you, without jeopardizing the health of your penis.

The bottom line is, when wanting to enlarge your penile girth or length, you want to use something that is both safe and effective.

The only product that ensures you that is penis enlargement traction device. Consider reading SizeGenetics Review for my preferred choice of penile extender!


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